What this blog will become after GSoC

Hello everyone, I am back after some weeks of vacation! So GSoC 2018 officially ended last week but I’ve decided to keep using this blog for posting news of the work I will be doing for some time (i.e. until I find a better place for this). What will I talk about? Fractal: I will […]

rlife : a cellular automata library written in Rust

In the previous article, I’ve told you I was going to talk more about my personal project, rlife. So rlife is a life library written in Rust. It aims at allowing to do manipulations on cellular automata, like computing the next generation of a CA, loading/saving a CA from/to a file, do various analysis on […]

My final report for GSoC 2018

The Google Summer of Code 2018 is coming to an end for me, so it means that it’s time for the final report! The tasks The tasks that I’ve actually done are quite different from my initial proposal, the reason of this is because JulianĀ (the other GSoC student working on Fractal) and I applied for […]

Add a message context menu for Fractal

Fractal is a Matrix client for GNOME and is written in Rust. Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralized communication. As I’ve promised in the previous article, I’m going to talk about my implementation of the message context menu. My work started from this issue that were asking to add a “right-click” menu to […]