Proposal accepted for GSoC 2018

I am proud to announce that my proposal for Fractal for the GSoC 2018 has been accepted!

So as I told in my previous article, I am publishing this new post and from now on (until the end of this summer) I will make a new post every week (or two weeks).

First of all, I am going to talk about my proposal and some of the things it aims to accomplish (here is the link to my project). Another student’s proposal has been accepted with some common parts with mine so there will be a new definition of my tasks and milestones in the next week. But I can already talk about the tasks I will surely accomplish:

  • During the application period, I started to implement a system to mark the new messages and implement a new object that looks like a nice divider between the already-seen messages and the new ones. It is not behaving as expected yet and there are some improvements to do about it, so I will take care of it (see this issue for more details). I would like to improve the way that the “last viewed message” is determined between each time Fractal is launched: currently the last viewed message is stored in the cache but we could guess it directly via the JSON API of Matrix.
  • I will implement the support of translations for Fractal and maybe even provide a French translation to it.

For the next weeks (i.e. before May 14) I will read in more details the code base of Fractal in order to get a deeper understanding of how it works, I will then write a post about it. I will also discuss with my mentor and the other community members about my schedule for the GSoC.

My mentor also proposed me to go to the Fractal Hackfest 2018 between May 10 and May 13 but the train tickets are quite expensive and there will be a SNCF strike on the 13th so I don’t know yet if I will be able to make it. Although it would be very exciting to get to meet the people I will work with during the next months and it would allow us to talk about the schedule.

[UPDATE(2018-04-28)] I have figured out a way to be able to be in Strasbourg between May 10 and May 12. My train will arrive at Strasbourg on May 10 at 12:45 and my train back to Paris will go on May 12 at 16:24, I will stay two nights in a room I could book at an affordable cost. So I will be able to attend to the Hackfest on Thursday afternoon, Friday and Saturday morning!


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