Internationalization of Fractal (part 2)

A textual program using gettext For my investigations, I first tried to write a textual program that works with gettext. I spent quite some time to figure out how all of this works but I finally was able to make it work. And that means that we should be able to implement i18n for Fractal […]

Internationalization of Fractal (part 1)

It is the beginning of the coding period and I will first work on investigating on implementing the internationalization of Fractal and then find a way to do it. At this moment, internationalization support in Rust is limited and new, so no GTK application written in Rust have implemented it yet. And it is very […]

Implementation of the PartialEq trait for Message

During the community bonding period, I was working on a bug that was preventing the “New messages” divider from being displayed when I found out that the structure Message needed a manual implementation of the PartialEq trait. When we were opening the application, the last viewed message was loaded from its local cache and the […]

Fractal Hackfest

This week, I was able to attend to the Fractal Hackfest. My train from Paris arrived at Strasbourg at 12:45, so I missed the beginning of the Hackfest in the morning but I could be there for the afternoon. I stayed until the middle of Saturday’s afternoon. On Thursday, I wasn’t there on the morning […]

An overview of how Fractal works

I am currently in the middle of the community bonding period, so I am familiarizing myself with Fractal’s codebase. And I thought that it would be a good idea to write a blog post about how Fractal works: firstly because it would be good for me to start getting used to write posts on my […]

Proposal accepted for GSoC 2018

I am proud to announce that my proposal for Fractal for the GSoC 2018 has been accepted! So as I told in my previous article, I am publishing this new post and from now on (until the end of this summer) I will make a new post every week (or two weeks). First of all, […]

Welcome to my GSoC blog

Hello! My name is Eisha, I’m a computer science student at Paris Diderot University. This blog will be a journal of my work for the GSoC 2018. I will work on the user interface redesign for Fractal and bring new dialogs (e.g. user settings dialog) to it. Fractal is a Gtk+ client for Matrix written […]